Sunday, February 14, 2010

yeah, my mum is pretty raaaadd...

so I woke up this Valentine's Day morning and went to grab my phone from my handbag,
only to find a giant chocolate freckle hiding in there!
(naturally I had some for breakfast!)
of course I immediately realized that the instigator of this was either my mum or dad, since I had been over at their house the night before!
  (+they are just too cute)
so to find out the perpetrator
 (and to say a big thank you of course)

I sent mum this short text:
"I found my giant freckle was it u or dad? U rockkk!"

she replied:
"Didnt know it was missing!"

"HA HA ur hilarious! I loooove u"

"Luv u 2"

I love my mum. she has style and a quirky sense of humor.
we get each other. we fight like cats and dogs.
we are the best of friends.
I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a mother like mine.

Happy Valentine's Day
Peas and Happiness x

1 comment:

  1. Your mom sounds so FUN!
    so great you guys are best of friends...heart warming~