Monday, February 22, 2010


haha I almost forgot. 
yesterday I got one of my rings stuck on my middle finger. 
i'd worn it out the night before, and forget to take it off before I went to bed. 
so i woke up to find it absolutely glued to my finger and for the life of me couldn't get it off.
i started to panic. 
and what do I do when I panic?
i call my dad!

so the phone call goes something like this...
me "DAD, hi. it's me. umm I have a ring stuck on my finger and you have to cut it off. it hurts. it's turning purple... well maybe not purple. but red. it's definitely red. it won't come off. i've tried. you have to cut it off!"

dad "woooaaa back up. what's stuck on your finger?"

me "a ring. a ring is stuck on my finger. you have to cut it off."

dad "ok. ok. calm down. come over. i'll take a look. and we'll go from there. it's not bad enough that you should go to a doctors or hospital?"

me "hospital??? you think I have to go to hospital"
(panic panic panic)

dad "no, that's not what I said. just come over. I'm sure it'll be ok. i'll see you soon."

me "oh ok. yeah I'll see you soon..."

soooooooo anyway. long story short. the ring came off. eventually. after wrapping it in an ice pack. and then drenching my finger in olive oil. and a lot of twisting and pulling. and swear words.
it came off.  
thankyou daddy.

(this is the culprit ring and the ice pack)

i hope everyone's sunday was better than mine.

peas and happiness x


  1. That sounds SO scary. Glad everything worked out! (And that you didn't have to sacrifice such a pretty ring!) I actually call my dad for EVERYTHING as well! It has gotten to the point that I have called him so many times while driving lost that he keeps an atlas handy for when I'm traveling. haha - even with the invention of GPS. :)

  2. I was scared.
    now I laugh about it. (i forgot to mention that the ring wasn't even mine I'd borrowed it off my housemate... so glad I didn't have to cut it off!!!)

    I love that my dad is always there. sounds like yours is too. I may call him for directions next time I'm lost too!