Sunday, February 7, 2010

sweet disposition...

i can't get The Temper Trap's song, Sweet Disposition out of my head. every time I sing the lyrics, images pop into my head too. i've had these images running through my mind for weeks. and finally I've got them out. ahhhhhhhhhh.  

yesterday I finally bought myself a canon printer. i love that now my designs seem real, instead of just ideas saved on a file somewhere in my Mac, that never really seem to come to life.
the very first image I printed off went straight on the fridge. not my fridge that is. but the fridge of a bunch of my friends with whom I used to flat. with my presence (I'm sure) sadly missed, I decided that I would leave them with a final image of myself, so that every time the fridge door opens, and they reach for the milk, they can think back and reflect on the fun times we shared.

i'm sure I'm sadly missed.

peas and happiness x

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