Saturday, March 13, 2010

hermit-like tendencies...

i've been rather hermit-esque of late.


if you don't include the night at the pub with the work gals
where I got tapped on the shoulder by Security.
the night with many 'blanks'
where I woke up at 1pm the next day
luckily sleeping through (and) avoiding a hangover of any description.

but honestly i have been a hermit.
taking photos
spending long hours attached to my Mac, either photoshopping photos I've taken, or checking out peoples blogs.
sending random people postcards. 
and reading my way through my increasingly growing, second hand (pre loved) book collection.
(my favourite one so far this year being "The Book Thief".... seriously read it. wow)

so I've decided...
i need a night out. i'm not sure if tonight's the night. we'll see.
i feel like drinking and dancing and getting home as the sun is coming up.
oh and meeting a nice boy (a nice good looking boy)....  hey just putting it out there...

on another note.
its my friend Shan's birthday today
we had a long breaky to celebrate, with cupcakes for dessert. yummm
Happy 24th Shanny

peas and happiness x

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